BiG Grid is founded on two pillars: large-scale infrastructure on the one hand, and the support and development to enable research applications to use e-Science and the deployed BiG Grid infrastructure on the other hand. The Executive Team coordinates both activities and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, under mandate from the Directorate which oversees the project as a whole. the Supervisory Council periodically assesses the progress of the project.

The operations team is responsible for Infrastructure and the installation and running of the compute and storage systems. The Central Facilities are located with one of the four core partners (SARA, Nikhef, Philips Research/HTC and RUG-CIT), the Distributed Facilities are dispersed throughout the country and act as (seed) resources in various universities and hospitals, primarily for the Life Sciences community.

The support and development team is responsible for the analysis, design and implementation (in-house or elsewhere) of the software environment. Following a tersting and certification process, new services and software are deployed on the operational infrastructure. Ranging across the entire problem-solving chain, it can entail enything from adaptations of an existing framework of an application, through to the core infrastructure services. This S&D team is also in charge of liaising with the user community and the development of new application leads.

The Executive Team is in charge of the day-to-day running of the project. It consists of people with a large range of expertise and experience, to make sure that all application needs with respect to BiG Grid are represented.