With four core centres providing large scale data storage and compute facilities, with over twelve distributed seed clusters for Life Sciences, and supporting more than 35 research communities, the BiG Grid infrastructure today offers an excellent environment to enhance your research.

Central Facilities

The four Central Facilities (SARA, Nikhef, Philips Research at the High Tech Campus, and the RUG Center for Information Technology) comprise the bulk of the hardware resources of BiG Grid. Interconnected with high-speed links, with a dedicated optical lightpath from SURFnet to Eindhoven, they support all user communities of BiG Grid. Large scale storage is largely located at Sara, as are the persistent tape stores.


Applications from a wide range of research topics share the common BiG Grid infrastructure. They include Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences and Medicine, and Physics. Also the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science project finds its home for applications with BiG Grid.

And if you are affiliated to any of the communities listed, access to BiG Grid may indeed go very fast. Contact your community manager or use the enrollment links on the overview page for more information.