The Central Facilities comprise four centres: SARA, Nikhef, Philips Research/HTC and RUG-CIT, with three of these today housing BiG Grid resources.

Below is a short summary and links to each of these three centres. In case you want to find our more about the resources, please visit their local web pages as well. If you have issues accessing the resources at any particular centre, contact the support email address, or - in case you have a general operational issue or don't immediately know where to put your infrastructure-related problem - contact

SARA Computing and Network Services

SARA houses the large-scale low-latency clusters, a sizable part of the generic high-throughput compute clusters, as well as most of the disk-based mass storage and all tape resources. 

Nikhef, National Institute for Subatomic Physics

Nikhef resources focus largely on high-throughput clusters and disk-based mass storage. Using a different storage middleware solution than Sara, it caters for smaller-scale (~100-500 Terabyte) storage needs with specific access control requirements.

Philips Research at the High Tech Campus

The Philips Research (at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven) resources comprise a large-scale compute clusters with 20.000 SpecInt2006 (rate) performance, as well as limited associated mass storage. It's the largest single cluster in the BiG Grid offering, and is fully homogeneous.