BiG Grid supports over 35 user communities from a variety of different research fields, and you may already be well connected to one of these. If so, your community coordinator ('VO manager') can help you get access to BiG Grid and you don't need to apply for resources yourself.

If you have no such link with one of the communities listed, please visit Getting Involved  to see how you can get started with BiG Grid.
For registration in most communities you will need an electronic identity, your 'passport' to the Grid - also known as a digital certificate. You can get your digital identity from the DutchGrid Certification Authority; and if you already have a certificate from a CA accredited by the IGTF, you can just use your existing identity.

When your certificate in installed in your browser, you can enroll in one or more communities or virtual organisations. To apply for enrollment into a community, press the enroll icon next to the community in the list below.

ASTRON radio astronomy users more information enroll
LOFAR community more information enroll
OmegaCEN wide-field astronomical imaging enroll
Xenon1T Dark matter searches with Xenon more information enroll
Earth and atmospheric sciences
EGEE earth sciences research community
for research in the fields of solid earth, ocean, atmosphere, climate, hydrology and their interfaces
more information enroll
NL sciamachy data centre
providing data services to the Dutch users of SCIAMACHY data beyond those offered by the ENVISAT groundsegment and German D-PAC
KNAW DANS data archive and networked services enroll
Life sciences and medicine
NBIC national bioinformatics centre and the life sciences grid (LSGrid) more information enroll mail Biobanking alliance in the Netherlands more information enroll mail
VL-e medical imaging
for the Dutch medical imaging groups and the eBioScience initiative
more information enroll
EMUTD, 3D electron tomography around the living cell enroll
EGEE biomedical community
supporting medical imaging, bioinformatics and drug discovery for pan-European researchers (supported by eBioScience group and former VL-e integrated bio-informatics unit)
more information enroll
eNMR computational grid platform more information enroll
Physics: high-energy and astro-particle
Astro-particle physics in the Netherlands more information enroll
CALICE calorimeter for ILC more information enroll
DØ Experiment (Fermilab) more information enroll
LHC's ALICE experiment more information enroll
LHC's ATLAS experiment more information enroll
LHC's LHCb experiment more information enroll
Pierre Auger Observatory more information enroll
Phenomenological physics group
QCD process validation
Virgo gravitational wave observatory more information enroll
ZEUS experiment more information enroll
Sites and infrastructure
BiG Grid resource centre and VL-e certification
infrastructure validation community for BiG Grid site administrators and VL-e PoC certification staff
more information enroll
Deployment team (EGI) more information enroll
Tutorials and training
registration is only possible in the context of training events
Other and catch-all communities
BiG Grid/NCF incubator
for approved incubator projects
more information enroll mail
BEgrid application group
see the BEgrid website for more information
Philips research
for pre-competitive and fundamental research
enroll mail mail
VL-e: food informatics (sp1.2)
design and development of a problem-solving environment for Dutch food research
VL-e: biodiversity (sp1.4)
the EcoGrid national database for biodiversity information, and a problem solving environment for integrated analysis of observations and modeling of results
VL-e: integrative bioinformatics (sp1.5)
the bioinformatics of biological data-integration
VL-e: Dutch telescience laboratory (sp1.6)
biomarker discovery with high resolution LC-FTICRMS, molecular imaging, and combining various types of data about a sample

Besides this list of virtual organisations that are active in the Netherlands, there are many European communities as well as listed in the CIC portal. Any other Dutch virtual organisation that might be missing can be found here (only accessible with a valid certificate).