Users should read the Acceptable Use Policy now

The BiG Grid project is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Therefore, the general terms and conditions for NWO grants apply to grants for using the BiG Grid infrastructure. These terms and conditions can be found at General Terms and Conditions NWO

Due to the highly distributed nature of the Grid, and because BiG Grid peers with several National and Regional Grids in Europe and elsewhere, it is impractical for Grid Participants (such as Users and user communities, Virtual Organisations, and sites), to enter into an agreement with eachother individually. We therefore mandate that all participants abide by a specific set of Grid Security Policies, in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of NWO. The set of security policies has been chosen such that the BiG Grid Security Policy is sufficient for participation in most peer grids.

BiG Grid Security Policy

The BiG Grid Executive Team (ET) has adopted the Grid Security Policy, version 5.7a as agreed by the Joint Security Policy Group on October 10th, 2007, and constitutes the Grid Management for the purposes of the Grid Security Policy and all its subordinate Policies.

All approved security policies are available from this web page and are listed below. Besides the Subordinate Policies, Specific Policies are adopted by the ET that may override provisions of the (cross-grid) top-level policy. In case of inconsistencies, the Specific Policies will take precedence, but this shall in no way invalidate any other provisions in the Grid Security Policy or its Subordinate Policies. You shoud, however, be aware that the Specific Policies may not apply or not fully apply in our Peer Grids such as EGI.

BiG Grid Specific Policies

Joint Subordinate Policies

The following Subordinate Policies are applicable to BiG Grid participants