e-Infrastructure colloquia are organized by BiG Grid in cooperation with NBIC, e-BioGrid, SARA, Nikhef, NLeSC, EGI and UvA. The goal is to inform about e-Infrastructure related topics and facilitate networking between people involved in e-Infrastructure development.

e-Infrastructure colloquium 4 October 2012
An Open Repository of Web Data by Lisa Green, Common Crawl

e-Infrastructure colloquium 22 June 2012
Towards Scalable Distributed Applications and Systems: The P* Model of Pilot-Abstractions by Shantenu Jha, Project leader SAGA, Rutgers University School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA. Pdf announcement.

e-Infrastructure colloquium 21 June 2012
Peopleware for e-Infrastructures and e-Science by Silvia Olabarriaga, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. Pdf announcement.

e-Infrastructure colloquium 23 May 2012
Science Gateways for Semantic-Web-Based Life Science Applications
by Roberto Barbera (University of Catania and INFN, Italy)
followed by a panel discussion
"Data modelling and analysis for the masses with cloud-enabled science gateways?"

e-infrasctructure colloquium 26 April 2012
E-Science Dictates E-Publication - Nanopublications as a Substrate for In-silico Knowledge Discovery by Barend Mons, LUMC, EMC, NBIC

e-infrasctructure colloquium 26 January 2012
Putting Condor in a container: Adapting virtualization techniques to batch systems by Dr. Brian Bockelman, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA