Peopleware for e-Infrastructures and e-Science

by Silvia Olabarriaga, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

Thursday 21 June 2012, 16h30 - 17h30 drinks afterwards
Science Park Amsterdam
, café-restaurant Polder, Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam

Science Park Amsterdam is easily accessible by public transport, train station Amsterdam Science Park. Paid parking for cars.

Admission: free, no registration

Peopleware for e-Infrastructures and e-Science
A lot is said about technical challenges for constructing, using and operating e-infrastructures. Success stories illustrate how the challenges are overcome in truly "e-science" endeavors. But is success a consequence of solutions in hardware, software and middleware? My personal answer is "no". The people involved are as important. A large chain of expertise and  communication is necessary to write successful e-science stories. 

In this talk I'll present some stories, and discuss the ingredients that make the stories a success - or not.

Silvia Delgado Olabarriaga
Silvia Olabarriaga is assistant professor at the Bioinformatics Laboratory of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (KEBB) of the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam (AMC). She leads the e-Bioscience group, which has the mission to understand, design and bring e-science concepts, methods and tools into the biomedical research practice at the AMC. The group collaborates with computer scientists, biomedical researchers, and infrastructure providers in The Netherlands and abroad, taking part in various national and European projects.

Silvia has a background in computer science, with a large interest on its applications in life sciences. She holds a PhD in Medical Imaging (interactive image segmentation) and a MSc degree in Computer Graphics (computer animation). Silvia was born in Brazil and has worked in various places around the world.

This colloquium is organized by EGI.

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