On 4 October 2011 BiG Grid and SARA organized their High Performance Cloud Computing Day at Science Park Amsterdam. There were presentations and demonstrations of scientific Cloud usage. At the end of the day, the new HPC Cloud infrastructure was festively inaugurated. During the event there was video streaming of the presentations and demonstrations.

The new National HPC Cloud: a user-friendly compute cluster for scientists.
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Program HPC Cloud Day

Opening and welcome by Jaap van den Herik, chairman BiG Grid
‘HPC Cloud: Focus on your research’ by Floris Sluiter, project leader HPC Cloud SARA

Theme: Bioinformatics
‘eBioGrid: Dealing with the sins of bioinformaticians’ by Machiel Jansen, SARA
‘Customized Pipelines for the Processing of Medical Images in Large Population Studies’ by Henri Vrooman, Erasmus MC Rotterdam
‘Validating biomolecular NMR structures using Cloud computing’ by Jurgen Doreleijers, CMBI & wenmr.eu
‘Using the BiG Grid HPC Cloud Infrastructure in Transcriptomics’ by Han Rauwerda, Microarray Department/Integrative Bioinformatics Unit,Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam
'The Cloud for Biologists' by Mattias de Hollander, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)

'HPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula’ by Ignacio Llorente, OpenNebula Project Director,Complutense University of Madrid, and Chief Executive Advisor at C12G Labs

Theme: Finance & linguistics & earth science
‘Scalable and sustainable - OCR & document image analysis in the cloud’ by Lotte Wilms, IMPACT Koninklijke Bibliotheek
‘Finance in the 21st Century’ by Dominik Roesch, Rotterdam School of  Management, Erasmus University
‘HPC clouds for flood early warning systems: Modeling dike stability and inundation dynamics with real-time sensor input and remote invocation from UrbanFlood decision support system’ by Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya, University of Amsterdam
‘Dynamic web services deployment’ by Marc Kemps-Snijders, Meertens Instituut

‘Exacycle: 1 Billion CPU Hours of Computational Capacity for Researchers’ by David Konerding, Software Engineer at Google

‘Cloud Computing: a gift from the skies: How Cloud Computing can help recovering from the recession’ by Anwar Osseyran, director SARA