HPC Cloud Computing


Dutch HPC Cloud Running at Full Throttle
by Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti
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Source: HPC in the CLoud, 19 October 2011

Self service and dynamically scalable High Performance Computing.
Folder, SARA and BiG Grid 2011

BiG Grid Colloquium on Cloud Computing
29 June 2011

How to build the HPC Cloud and what to do with it…
Download the presentation given by Floris Sluiter (SARA).

BiG Grid has funded the creation of a new HPC Cloud. For the past year a beta version has been running to gain insight and experience.  The talk will try to answer the following questions:

- What is a HPC Cloud?
- What is needed to create  a successful HPC cloud?
- What is an ideal system and software architecture for an HPC Cloud?
- Sneak preview of the new HPC cloud, ETA in September…
- What can be done with an HPC cloud from a user perspective (with a short demo of the beta cloud)
The Speaker:
Floris Sluiter is HPC and Grid consultant at SARA and is the project leader of the BiG Grid HPC cloud