SURF Research and Innovation Event

SRIE13 28 February 2013
Scientists show added value of ICT for research. Scientific research in the 21st century is inconceivable without ICT resources and methods.

At SURF’s Research and Innovation Event on 28 February 2013, researchers will present striking practical examples of the innovative and creative use of ICT in all its forms. They will show how multi-disciplinary and data-intensive research is assisted and strengthened by and with ICT. The research results can lead to new insights and pioneering research questions. Using practical examples, they will inspire fellow researchers by showing how valuable ICT has been in their own research.

More time for research
The focus when providing an ICT infrastructure is on what researchers actually require. They can make use of tailor-made computing capacity, network services, and storage facilities. Smart ICT applications leave them more time for the actual research, for example because they do not have to carry out large-scale calculations or analyse large data sets themselves. SURF and its operating divisions ensure that this can be done automatically, and provide the necessary support, for example enabling researchers to easily call up a data set (or part of it) as and when they need it.

Various disciplines
The SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013 invites researchers and those supporting them to come and be inspired by research that utilises innovative and creative ICT solutions. The event will display a wide range of best practices taken from a variety of scientific disciplines.

Programme and registration
The programme comprises more than 20 parallel sessions, with practical examples, and two keynote speakers. The sessions will be organised around the following themes:

The language for the event will be English.

Registration is possible from 20 December 2012 via

The SURF Research and Innovation Event 2013 (SRIE13) is being organised by SURF, SURFnet, SARA (from 1 January 2013: SURFsara) and the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC). SRIE13 is the successor to the successful SURF Research Day 2012.